Exclusively for Artists listed with Fine Art Firm Global we offer broad International exposure and long term promotional opportunities. Each month we will present new Artwork in front of thousands of potential Collectors and Sponsors by continuously introducing our website to new corporate and individual prospects. We are very pro-active, systematic and persistent in our approach and create fresh opportunities each month.

What do we do for you? As soon as your subscription starts you will be eligible for any Sponsorship level your potential Sponsor is willing to invest in. We propose four types of Sponsorships: Direct Purchase, Commissioned Work, Investment in Artist's Advancement, and Sponsoring an Event. First two are self-explanatory. The other two are fair exchanges which are financially beneficial to both Artists and Sponsors.  When Sponsor expresses an interest in your work or career we create a record of that interest and immediately connect Sponsor with you or representing Gallery. For example: if you wish to participate in an Art Show that is priced at $500, $5.000 or $50.000 for display space, your Sponsor will pay for the space and you, in exchange for his investment, give the Sponsor piece of Art at discounted value you both agreed upon. More you give in return more chances you have for long term relationships with Sponsors. You can also use the same model for any advertising, installation projects, corporate and public Art proposals, happenings, pop-up gallery, or any events that are directly beneficial to you. Our proposed Sponsorship levels vary from $100 - $500 up to $10.000 and more. 

Each time when you are recognized on social media (likes or followers) you can direct that person to our page and request Sponsorship. We do not offer our service to Artists which are not listed with us. If the person follows up on your request we store all the information provided in our records, answer any questions they might have and refer them back to you or representing Gallery to finalize the arrangements. If you have a subscription with us which includes your contact information, Sponsors can contact you directly. Either way, we do not receive any compensation from Sponsors, or collect any form of commission from Artists.

We all know very well, that effectiveness of Art Expos, Gallery Shows as well as any paid advertising is very unpredictable. With our Sponsorship concept Artists will have more opportunities to expose their work without any financial risk, and the Sponsors will receive benefits from a substantial discount on the Artwork they love. 

Basic: This subscription includes one photograph but does not provide any internet links or contact information.

Basic Plus: This subscription includes one photograph and provides one internet link or contact information.

Premium: This subscription includes interchangeable gallery of five photographs and provides one internet link and one contact information.

Premium Plus: This subscription includes interchangeable gallery of ten photographs and provides up to eight internet links and two contacts information.

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